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Angledata Consultants have many years of experience in network design and management, from simple SME networks to multi-location corporate infrastructure. We are able to manage critical application networks with many thousands of dial-in customers relying on our services for the smooth running of their online community.

It is impossible to list every aspect of networking that we are involved in but the following list should give you some idea of the kind of work that we do.

  Dial & Fixed Line WAN Infrastructure, Design & Deployment
  IP Networking Cisco products (IOS)
  Network Scripting using Perl and C
  Internet Portal Development & Integration
  UNIX, Solaris, Linux Administration
  Remote System and Server Monitoring and Management
  Network Performance Monitoring and Graphing
  UNIX support for Microsoft File Systems (SAMBA)
  Internet Hosting, Co-Hosting, Web Services
  RSA Security (SecurID)
  Security Dynamics (RSA) SecurID Authentication servers (NAS)
  24 x 7 Support
  DNS (Bind)
  Mail (Exim, Qmail)
  WWW & Apache Webserver Configuration
  Cisco Secure and Cistron RADIUS servers

Please contact us for your individual requirements.